Underwater World Langkawi

We arrived in Langkawi at 1.45pm on 23rd May 2007. After sending the owner of the car that we rented to Kuah town, we drove back to Pantai Cenang. We checked in AB Motel and after having a cold shower, we went straight to the Underwater World.

Underwater World Langkawi is located at Pantai Cenang on a 6.2 acres land. You can't miss that big white building, with three smiling dolphins swimming around a globe, on top of the wording saying, " Underwater World Langkawi". It is one of the largest marine and freshwater aquaria in the region. There are over 5,000 varieties of fish and other exhibits from 500 species being displayed in over 100 tanks.

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Underwater World Langkawi

Tropical Rainforest, Temperate and Sub-Antartic

Special highlights at Langkawi Underwater World include the gigantic hexagonal tank, the walk-through tunnel tank containing six million litres of sea water and the penguinarium. Actually, the eco systems are divided into three sections: Tropical Rainforest, Temperate and Sub-Antartic.

There were many car parks available for free. At the entrance (on the right side of the new wing), we were greeted by a cute penguin cartoon with the greeting "Selamat Datang" on it's body -- Underwater World Langkawi, Where Adventure Becomes Experience, huh?

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Selamat Datang @Underwater World Langkawi

Zaly bought the entrance ticket at the ticket both inside. The entrance fee was RM28 for Malaysian adult and RM38 for non-Malaysian. A bit pricey, huh? We were required to produce our MyKad to entitle for the Malaysian fee. In my opinion, that was nonsense. Couldn't they easily distinguish a Malaysian from a non-Malaysian? Maybe they couldn't. Or, maybe that was just a procedure...so..never mind.

The Biggest Freshwater Fish - Arapaima

On the left side of the ticket booth, I noticed a rather nice looking traditional house replica. Better take a snapshot! And, oh... the Araipama which is the world's largest freshwater fish can be seen in front of the entrance door, at the preview tank. I tried capturing some pictures of Zaly with the Arapaima but the sunlight from the open door was reflected on the glass tank. So, the Araima picture was a bit blurred.

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Zaly @ Tropical Rainforest Section

The first section visited was the Freshwater section which displays a comprehensive array of other freshwater fish and aquatic life from Southeast Asia, the Amazon, Africa and Australia such as the Bala Shark, and various species of Garfish, Catfish, Matamata and Stingray. There was also a collection of exotic Turtles, Snapping Alligators, the Red-eared Slider and Albino Turtles.

We walked into the Tropical Rainforest section (yes..the trees were real!) where a lot of beautiful tropical rainforest fished such as Striped Carp and Tinfoil Barb swimming merrily in their tanks. There were also two pairs of flamingos and a pair of Blue Gold Macaws in the rainforest!

Harbour Seals - Temperate Ecosystem

Next, we walked pass the Harbour Seals' tank at the Temperate ecosystem. It was 4.00pm and it's their feeding time! I managed to took some pictures of the seal keepers feeding them with fishes. Here, have a look! The picture was a bit blurry due to the water smeared by the seals on the glass tank.

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Harbour Seals' Feeding

Rockhopper & Black-Footed African Penguins

And, then we went into the penguinarium where a lot of cute little penguins were playing in their tanks. Oh.. those having fun swimming and teasing us were the Rockhopper penguins. The Black Footed penguins just stood elegantly on the rocks, as if posing for their pictures to be taken!

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Black-Footed African Penguins

Do You Know?
Measuring 18 - 23 inches, the Rockhopper penguins are the smallest of the crested penguins. These penguins are called Rockhoppers because they jump from rock to rock. They feed on crustaceans, squids and small fish. Rockhoppers are characterised by their yellow feathers or eyebrowson their heads, forming a drooping crest.

The adorable little Rockhopper penguins were brought in from Nightingale island, some 2,000km west of South Africa. Believe it or not, the penguin costed RM26,700 each, excluding insurance and shipping charges!

At the Sub-Antartic ecosystem, we also had the opportunity to snapshot ourselves in the Antartic! Well, just the big backdrop of icy mountains, and a dummy penguin...but, look at Zaly...he was having fun!

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Zaly @Antartic

Educational Resource Centre & 3D Theatre

There were also an Educational Resource Centre, a Cafeteria and a three-dimensional (3D) theatre with 200-seating capacity inside the Underwater World building. We went inside the 3D theatre at 4.20pm, and we watched a short 3D movie about Michael, a little pre-historic fish's journey before becoming a fossil. Hmmm... short and sweet!

After the theatre, we walked downstairs to the shells, corals and fossils collection section. The amazing collections were from all over the world. The shells were of various sizes, shapes and colors. Lovely!

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Lots & Lots Of Sea Shells

Next, we went to the walk-through underwater tunnel tank large aquatic species such as Giant Grouper, Sharks, Giant Stingrays, Green Turtle and other sea creatures swam by, separated only by the laminated clear glass walls.

By the way, you are allowed to take photos of the exhibits at no extra cost. However, most of the animals are sensitive to camera flashes so camera flash must be switched off.

On the exit, we walked through a duty free shop selling souveniers and dried seafood. I bought a pair of yellow slippers for the beach. Hmm.... expensive.

Underwater World's Sections

That was it! Our trip to the Underwater World Langkawi ended about 5pm. Here is the summary of sections visited at the Underwater World, started from the entrance (in sequence).

  • Freshwater Section
  • Tropical Rainforest Section
  • Nature's Gallery
  • Seals Section
  • African Penguins Section
  • Wildlife Gallery
  • Rockhopper Penguins Section
  • Photo Gallery
  • 3D Theatre
  • Shells, Corals & Fossils Section
  • Oceanarium
  • Souvenier Shop

Entrance Fee:









RM 28.00

RM 18.00

RM 38.00

RM 28.00


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