Langkawi Cable Car
The Glide Above The Rainforest

Langkawi is a beautiful green island graced with pristine beaches and blessed with hills and mountains.

You can see this island from a bird's eye view. No.. it's not by taking a small plane or a helicopter ride. You can just hop into a Langkawi cable car and have an awe-inspiring journey and panoramic views over Langkawi, neighbouring Kedah province and beyond to southern Thailand.

Taking a cable car to top of the legendary mountain, Gunung Mat Cincang is a wow! must-do. It is probably one of the most exhilarating experiences you'd ever have.

This cable car will bring you all the way up to 709 meters. The journey covers a total of 2.2 km at an incline of 42 degrees. The steep ascend and descent make your ride an exciting one! You'd see beaches and islands retreat into the distance.

Langkawi cable car is located on the southwest coast of the main island, just a 30 minute drive from Kuah town and only 15 minutes from Langkawi International Airport. The cable car base station is located within the Oriental Village.

From the cable car, you'd really enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding lush greem rainforests, the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls, the blue ocean and some of the pristine islands that make up the Langkawi island cluster.

Langkawi Cable Car

As you approach the middle station, look out for the unique rock formation from some 450 million years ago.

Langkawi cable car's top station, standing at 709 m above sea level - holds two viewing platforms that allows for an amazing view that goes right up to southern Thailand. If you want to get a closer look and experience the fresh mountain air, get off at the second viewing station and walk to the top.

Langkawi Cable Car

The trick is to find the correct day and time to go there. Humidity in the air can create that typical tropical haze and hamper the breathtaking view. The price for this dramatic Langkawi cable car ride experience is RM15 for an adult and RN5 for a children.

The cable car operates from 10:00am to 8:00pm, subject to weather condition.

Ooh.. if you have Hypsiphobia - the fear of height, forget about Langkawi cable car. There are a lot of other fun activities that you can enjoy.


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