Langkawi Beach Motels
Comfortable & Affordable

Packing your stuff and having a vacation is the most wonderful things in the world! You'd get away from your daily routines and the regular faces - your boss, your mom, your sister, your neighbours, your friend, your cats....

So, if you agree with me, then start planning for your trip to Langkawi. Keep in mind that you must put your budget as a "#1".

There are many Langkawi beach motels that are great, comfortable-and-affordable to stay while you're in Langkawi. The trick is to do some pre-vacation research - a fancy way to say "find whatever information you can get on the motels before you actually come to Langkawi." This include searching information on the Internet, seeking recommendation from people who has been there and asking directly to the the motels' owners.

Langkawi Beach Motels in Pantai Tengah

Pantai Tengah is one of the western beaches in Langkawi. It's a quiet beach with beautiful white sand. The water is clear blue most of the time except for the rainy season. It might get murky a little bit.

There are a couple of posh resorts and also some low-key beach motels.

Tanjung Malie Beach Motel is one of the many Langkawi beach motels that is comfortable-and-affordable. This beach motel is set in a garden offering chalets with fan or air-cond.

Not far from Tanjung Malie Beach Motel is the similar comfortable-and-affordable Sugary Sands Beach Motel. Both beach motel are at the northern end of the beach.

Langkawi Beach Motels in Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang is just 500 metres north of Pantai Tengah. It is the most developed beach on the island with cramped Langkawi chalet sites side by side. The bay forms a large sweep of wide and white beach with fine powdery sand.

There are plenty of places offering watersports and boat rental. At Langkawi Marine Sports you can expect to pay around RM200 per boat (for eight people) for a round-island boat tour, RM110 for a day's fishing or RM25 for ten minutes' waterskiing.

AB Beach Motel is one of the many comfortable-and-affordable beach motels in Pantai Cenang. It has 52 chalet-type rooms and is just a few steps away from the beautiful beach.

You can choose either air-conditioned rooms or rooms with fans. Whatever type of room you pick - both are blessed with the cooling effect of the sea breeze. Singles From MYR 60. Doubles From MYR 60. Extra Bed From MYR 10.

There's a mid-priced restaurant available where you can taste some delicious local dishes. Water sports and car hire facilities are also available.

Langkawi Beach Motels in Pantai Pasir Hitam

Black Sand Beach Motel is wholly owned by Tuan Haji Abdul Hamid Hafi. Abd. Manan and families started its operation in 1994. This family-run motel is located about 20 kilometres (30 minutes' drive) from Kuah Jetty.

It has 17 rooms rate between RM35.00 and RM60.00 per night. There are two types of room : Single Bedroom (2 persons) and Family Bedroom (4 persons). You'll enjoy 15% discount for staying more than 3 nights.

This nice Langkawi beach motel is located near some other places of interest such as :

Black Sand Beach - Historical Place (Pantai Pasir Hitam)
Ayer Hangat Village - Hot Springs (Ayer Hangat)
Tanjung Rhu Beach (Tanjung Rhu)
Malaysia Handicraft Centre (Teluk Ewa)
Crocodiles Farm (Jalan Datai)
Temurun Waterfall (Pasir Tengkorak)
Durian Perangin Waterfall (Ayer Hangat)
Galeria Perdana (Kilim)



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