Fun On Langkawi Beaches!!

Langkawi has fine powdery sandy beaches - beautifully fringed with swaying coconut trees and casuarinas. Just grab your sunglasses and have fun! Ooh.. don't forget the sun block too.

There are so many ways that you can enjoy the pretty beaches. Walk, jog and swim on them. Bask and snooze under the sun. Get the perfect tan. Sit under a coconut tree and enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze. Collect sea treasures washed up to the shore. Build majestic sand castles.

Play frisbee, water ball or volley ball. Have a picnic while catching up with your reading. Bury your body in the soft & warm sand. Photograph these lovely beaches.

Wanna be clothed only with the sun? Sorry... you can't do that in Langkawi. The sandy beaches are really beautiful and stretches over miles and miles away. It has plenty of sun-soaked sands for everyone. It has stunning arts created by nature too. Click to see!

Fun-tastic Beach Activities for Kids
(and moms and dads....)

Your kids have played in the water. Built a sand castle. Buried you in the sand too. They are getting a bit jumpy, though. So, what to do next? Hmmm...think dad..think!

Why not play sand games?

Sand is magical. You can draw on it. You can build things with it. Trace out a dartboard on the sand and toss rocks or shells to see who can get a bull's-eye. Play "beach bowling" by making pins from sand and rolling a ball to see who can smash them. Draw a tic-tac-toe square or a hopscotch court. Make a sand giant. Trace your shadow in the sand and decorate it with shells and rocks.

Play a scavenger hunt. It's jolly fun!

Make up a list of things you can find on a beach like sea shells, rocks, seaweed or tiny crabs. See who is the fastest at finding everything on their list. This game is really fun. It teaches your kids about sea life too.

Splash! Make up new water games...

If you got squirt guns and beach balls - you can have a race. Draw a starting line in the sand and set the beach balls there. Then use your squirt gun to push the ball along with water. See who can go the fastest.

How about doing some arts and crafts?

Use the sea treasures washed up to the shore to create art projects. Sea shells, dead coral pieces, pretty rocks, driftwoods... let the fun begins!

This will keep your little ones busy. Oohh.. and a souvenier to take home too. Just plan ahead and get some drawing paper and glue. From decorating a piece of driftwood to making "sand mosaic" - let each craft becomes your kids masterpiece.

Kids Beachcombing Adventure...

Beach combing is a good way of spicing up a boring walk along the beach. Let's face it, most kids think walking a pretty boring thing.


The sea washed up all sorts of odds and ends - sea shells, driftwoods, dead corals, colorful polished glass, beads... It is very rare to find something of value or toxic on the beach.

Of course, it is a fun and safe adventure for your kids. Before you go - get a small pail, a garden trowel and a putty knife.

Take your kids to wander slowly along the beach. Dig into the sand and investigate the water's edge. Search around the high water mark for items washed up by the sea.

Make it sound fun for the kids.

Is it just an old bit of wood or has it come from a drowned pirate ship? Do the shells comes from Nemo's hiding place?

Fun-tastic Sand Saunas for Everyone!

While the kids are having fun, why not you do something therapeutic for your body? Let's sand bathing!

Bury yourself in the sand comfortably and lulled to sleep by the sound of the sea.

Do you know that sand bathing is very good for your health? Sand bathing increases your body temperature with high rate of heart impact. Your blood circulation will highly increases. This is good as it refreshes your body by discharging wastes and observing oxygen sufficiently into your body.

The weight of the sand give out warmth into your joint and aching muscle. So soothing...aaaah.

Sand Castles are not just for kids!

Let's have a terrific time buidling sand castles! You're never too old to play with the sand. Building a sand castle really isn't as difficult as it looks, and only requires a few key tools. So, grab your pail and shovel, some cups, spoons, old knives and let's get started.

If you've ever tried stacking sand - you've probably noticed that it doesn't stay stuck together all that well. That's because it's missing a key ingredient: water. If you take your pail and fill it up with sand and then pour water in there - you will find that the water turns the sand into a much stickier substance.

The first thing you need to do is build the base. This can easily be done by dumping pails full of sand into a square or circular shape. Then, mold them into a more recognizable wall shape..

Now figure out just what you want your castle to look like. Keep piling up the wet sand like bricks. Smoothing out the edges as you go along. Add some seashells or other sea treasures. Turn your sand castle into a kickin' work of art!

Spectacular Arts on the Sand!

Wake up early and go walking along the shore. Holes created by tiny crabs. Washed up starfish. Wave pattern on the sand. All these are the little things that make Langkawi... a magical paradise.

Arts On The Beach Arts On The Beach

Arts On The Beach Arts On The Beach


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