Why Langkawi... the Very Best of All Andaman Islands

Among all of the tropical islands in the world... why visit Langkawi in Malaysia?



Langkawi is warm & sunny almost year round. It is your most ideal place to unwind in peace. You will love this island. Even when it is raining.

Nothing will be so soothing than having a sudden downpour for a couple of hours during a sunny & hot day. Sometimes, you can see the sun still shining during the rain. The rain itself is warm and spine-tingling.

Hmm... Walking in the rain in Langkawi is like taking a lovely warm shower.

So, don't worry about the weather in Langkawi. You (and your family) can come here & have lots of fun.


Langkawi has 99 islands. Yes, you got the number right - 99. 104 during low tide. This archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea is part of Malaysia's Kedah state that are adjacent to the Thai border.

Most of the islands are mainly rocky outcrops separated by narrow canals where only small boats can travel through. The largest of the islands is the famous Langkawi island with a population of about 62,000.

This tropical paradise's landscape is painted with miles and miles of white sandy beaches, marbled mountains, vast paddy fields and rural villages, secret caves, and pockets of virgin rainforests dating back millions of years.



Langkawi has miles and miles of soft white beaches, and streches of gorgeous black sandy beaches. These pristine beaches are fringed by swaying coconut trees and sloping gently towards the turquoise blue waters.

If you wanna have fun mingling with other people - go to Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach). It's the most liveliest of them all - the hotspot of all Langkawi beaches. Take a break at the beach bars and unwind.

If you wanna walk on a lovely black sandy beach - go to Pantai Pasir Hitam (Pasir Hitam Beach). The sands here are black due to the tin and mineral ore deposits wash up on the shore. You can find an ancient fishing jetty here. It is indeed a very beautiful place and a wow! must-see.


Unforgettable. Memorable. There are magic moments for everyone. Even for your little darling.

Magical eagle feeding. Fun sea fishing. Virgin jungle trekking. Heart-throbbing air trekking.

Majestic waterfalls. Breathtaking sky-bridge crossing. Gorgeous crocodiles& friendly monkeys. Pleasant island hopping. Fabulous folk-tales.


You choose. Predominantly first-class self-contained resorts with private and secluded beaches.

Simpler hotels and motels along the beautiful beaches.

Thinking of camping on the beaches? Yes.. you can.


Shopping is fun and quite a bargain on this duty-free island. You can get significantly cheaper designer fashions, perfumes and electronic gadgets at Kuah town and some hotel boutique. Must buy souveniers: Traditional batiks and pewter crafts.


Night life at this island is usually quiet & peaceful.

You are here to have a pleasant tranquil retreat from the real world, right?

If you miss the not-so-quiet night life, you can get that at numerous lounges and pubs at the hotels. Some hotels provide regular live music.


There are varieties of lip-smacking food that you can choose from. Western, local Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese or Thai - they are all delicious.

You can find these savory food served at hotels, fine dinning restaurants, street stalls or hawkers. You should really try the hawker's food. They serve a variety of authentic local dishes at a very reasonable prices. Open-air hawker centres are scattered all over the island, and come alive every evening on most street corners.

Still missing McDonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kenny Rogers? No worry.. you can find them at Kuah Town.



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