Pulau Payar Marine Park

by Nuraisha
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

The marine park is a dissapoinment. The beach is dirty!

We paid RM190 to go for snorkeling there. However the corals were mostly dead and not much varieties of fish found there. The visitors must be responsible not to destroy the marine park.

Rubbish should not be thrown everywhere. RATING is 3 out of 10. The tour operators must play their part to conserve the beauty
of pulau payar marine park.

### Comment by Roszs ###

Hmm.. It has been a long time since we last been there. Is the pollution really that bad? I would appreciate if Nuraisha or anybody who has been to Pulau Payar RECENTLY, to send me pictures (and story) of the island condition.

email to>>[email protected]

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