Langkawi Trip 23rd - 26th May 2007
Day 1 - 23rd May 2007

Here is our recent Langkawi trip itinerary. We visited Langkawi from 23rd to 26th May 2007 (4 days 3 nights). We tried to cover most of the Langkawi land attractions within the three days. And, we're happy that we made it!

Note that we only covered 80% of the land attractions, which include the lovely Langkawi beaches, but not the other attractions such as sunset cruising, island hopping, mangrove tour etc. The time was extremely too short for all that! But, don't worry, we'll do those water activities in our next trip to Langkawi!

AirAsia Cheap Flights To Langkawi

I booked the AirAsia flight ticket to Langkawi a few months ago, during the 1,000,000 free seats promotion. Guess, I was among the lucky few that managed to beat the AirAsia server menace. With some passion and willingness to try for hours, I finally got the two-way free tickets to Langkawi.

Recent Langkawi Trip
Zaly & AirAsia @ Langkawi Airport Tarmac

The air tickets were free but after adding the airport tax, the fare totaled to RM179.65 -- two-ways for two adults. But, it was a great bargain as the fare was cheaper than taking the bus to Alor Setar, then to Kuala Kedah to board a ferry to Langkawi. It saved a lot of traveling time too!

Since the opening of the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) about a year ago, all AirAsia flights has been shifted from KLIA to LCCT -- which is about 10km away. There is no need to worry because there are frequent express buses operating from KL Central to LCCT. The bus fare is only RM8 per way.

AirAsia Flight To Langkawi Delayed

We woke early that day and got onboard the 7.35am KTM Komuter train from Kuang to KL Central. The fare was RM2.80 per person. One hour later, we reached the KL Central and quickly walked downstairs where the buses to LCCT were waiting. We took the SkyBus and cost for each person was RM8 per way.

We reached LCCT about an hour later and quickly rushed to the Check-In counter. To our dismayed, our AirAsia flight to Langkawi AK6304 was re-timed from 11.25am to 12.35pm!

Our stomachs were growling because we hadn't had our breakfast that morning. So, we headed to the only McDonald restaurant at LCCT and ordered our brunch. Two set of meals consisted of one Fillet-O-Fish burger, one Hash Brown Potato and one Iced Milo drink each costed us RM27! A simple calculation revealed that the price of McDonald food at LCCT is about 20% more expensive from the ordinary McDonald outlet.

After the brunch, we waited at in-front of a mini-mart, and an old friend of Zaly bumped into us. And, he was boarding the same flight to Langkawi. This man was going to Langkawi with his wife and two sons for snorkeling at Pulau Payar! I wished them a happy snorkeling time!

Recent Langkawi Trip
Roszs & AirAsia @ Langkawi Airport Tarmac

At 12.00pm, we walked through the gate, passed the customs and waited for our plane. AirAsia practise free seating which means that people may become "kiasu" to get his best seat. Oh... "kiasu" is actually a Hokkien (a Chinese spoken variant) word that literally means 'fear of losing'. This word is so widely used by Singaporeans and Malaysians, to describe people who are extremely competitive in everything they do.

We reached Langkawi island at 1.45pm. The cluster of islands looked so beautiful from the sky. The weather is hot and humid. I thought it was hotter than KL.

Recent Langkawi Trip
Langkawi International Airport

Langkawi Car Rental

Prior to departure from LCCT, Zaly has booked a car from a man recommended by his brother. We picked the car at the airport and paid the rental on the spot. The manual Proton Wira car rental was only RM50 per day, so for three days, we paid RM200 inclusive of RM50 deposit.

Recent Langkawi Trip
Our Rented Car - Proton Wira (Manual)

These were the Langkawi attractions that we planned to visit on the afternoon of the first day. However, we only managed to visit the Underwater World Langkawi and the Cenang Beach. The Laman Padi needed to be postponed to the next day.

The entrance fee for Underwater World Langkawi was RM28 for Malaysian adult and RM38 for non-Malaysian. It was fun to see the penguins swimming in their artic tank.

After some shopping at the Zon in Sriwani Duty Free Shopping Centre located just next to the Underwater World, we walked to the Cenang beach. I was dissapointed to find that the beach was so polluted with debris, driftwoods and dead squids! Despite all these, the beach was full with people doing various beach activities.

All three attractions are located at Pantai Cenang. So, we needed to find a hotel or motel near to Pantai Cenang beach. Zaly already booked a room at Langkasuka for the next few days, but for the first night, we must find a place to stay.

Zaly drove along Pantai Cenang Road where there are a lot hotels and motels available for rent. I wanted a place near the beach, so we checked into AB Motel.

Our Langkawi Story (Recent Trip)

This page only contains our first half day story in Langkawi. For the next few days, click on the following links.

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  • Day 4 -- 26th May 2007 (Saturday)


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