Top Eateries in Langkawi
Posh, Mid-Priced and Cheap

Don't worry about finding a good place to eat in Langkawi. There're plenty of them! Luxurious restaurants. Posh eateries. Mid-priced cafes. Affordable coffee shops. Cheap street stalls. Budget beach bars. You choose.

In Kuah town, you can find many food stalls selling cheap & delicious food in front of the City Bayview Hotel. The streets behind the Sime Langkawi Duty Free Complex nearby houses inexpensive Chinese coffee shops, serving local dishes such as Chicken Rice and Char Koay Teow.

There are lots of restaurants at Pantai Cenang that serve all kinds of traditional local cuisine. A popular place for good Chinese and western food at reasonable cost is the Hot Wok Cafe. For Malay and western fare, try the Restoran Pantai at the northern end, a more pricy eatery but with fine ambience. In between, there are The Backofen, a German restaurant and The Champor-Champor, a garden restaurant serving western and Asian cuisine.

Some of the restaurants may look a bit grubby inside with plastic tables and chairs but these restaurants are the places you should go to taste a really delicious meal at an incredibly cheap price. If you want to treat yourself to a really posh meal you can always book in to the 5-stars hotels and really splash out.

Langkawi is a beautiful place and a savory food paradise too. Yummy. Delicious. Irresistible. Don't leave this island without tasting some of the local delights accompanied by a good cup of teh tarik at a street stall. Here are some of the top eateries in Langkawi.

Breakfast  |  Lunch   


Breakfast Bar

Pantai Cenang
7am to 2pm

Breakfast Bar
A cheap-and-delicious breakfast bar in Pantai Cenang. A must-go! This great eating place is nicely decorated with a tropical garden setting. You will love the gazebo-like structure and the green surrounding.

It has beautiful ocean views too. The specialties are Western and Malaysian breakfasts. Ooh.. you can get some yummy and fresh baguettes here too.

Try some roti canai with a curry dip, and a cup of freshly-pulled teh tarik. So delicious!

Mukhtar (the owner) is a teh tarik master. You must taste his teh tarik.. hmmmm.

Fresh yoghurt, tasty toast, savory scrambled eggs, yummy baquettes, great sandwiches, spicy nasi lemak and roti canai. You can taste them all.

Breakfast Bar is a decent eatery with great choices and most importantly, affordable.

Red Tomato

Pantai Cenang
9am to 3pm

How about starting your day with some warm and fresh home made bread, straight from the oven? You can get that fresh-from-the-oven bread at Red Tomato in Pantai Cenang. This nice shady place is a casual and relaxed eatery with lots of greenery.

The specialties are Western breakfasts. Fresh-from-the-oven bread, red tomato salad drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil, pasta, deserts, healthy garden salad, huge fluffy sandwiches, yoghurt Lassi's and coffee.

Simply irresistible.

Ooh... the crunchy pizzas are great too. You can ask for your favorite topping. The staff are friendly and the prices are quite reasonable.


Restaurant Pak Haji Ya Nasi Ayam

9.30am to 6.00pm

Looking for some nasi ayam (chicken rice) to whet your appetite? Go to Restaurant Pak Haji Ya Nasi Ayam in Kuah town.

The specialty is of course nasi ayam. Nasi ayam are rice cooked with chicken stock and served with roasted chicken, cucumber slices, salad and home-made spicy dip. Very delicious and cheap too.

The Lighthouse

Pantai Tengah
12pm to 3pm

The Lighthouse is a semi open-air concept restaurant serving Mediterranean and Malay cuisine. This is a posh eatery. A really fantastic place.

Prepare to pay RM45.00 for a steak and RM15.00 for a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice... hmmm.

The Malay food is cooked with fresh herbs and spices grown in their garden. Besides the food, what is so attractive about this place?

Old Malay House at the Lighthouse It's an old Malay house standing next to the double-story Mediterranean-style building.

The house is made of solid wood on a hilltop with magnificent sea views. It was built without nails! This remarkable traditional Malay house has beautifully carved exterior panels.

A wow! must-see.


Pantai Cenang

You can have a good taste of East blend with West at Champor-Champor. This mid-priced eatery is set in a serene garden with an enchanting beach shack atmosphere.

It serves magnificently creative dishes at lunch and dinner. Everything is incredibly fresh and delicious. A value-for-money eating place.



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