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We would like to invite you to share your best and worst experience in Langkawi. You can write what you love or hate most about Langkawi, or what your best or worst place, time or happening has been. You know, whatever tips you would like to share with other visitors. Click here to send your story.

Majestic Eagle @Eagle Square           Writer: Roszs
The eagle statue sits high at the centre of a massive star-shaped (if seen from the air) concrete platform that juts out to the sea. The square comprises the eagle statue, a high-roofed pavilion where events are held and kiosks selling anything from titbits to souvenirs.

The Legendary Lagenda Park           Writer: Roszs
Located about 400 metres from the Kuah Jetty Complex, the Legends Park visually depicts Langkawi's mythical and legendary heritage, which is at the core of the island's many attractions.

Exclusive Crystal That Cost A Bomb           Writer: Roszs
The crystals were beautiful, delicate and cost a bomb! A simple bowl cost RM280 while the more intricately designed can reach thousand of ringgits!

All Things Gamat In One Place!           Writer: Roszs
On the way to Kuah, we noticed a large bottle of Gamat, the traditional medicine from the sea on the right side of the highway. We made a u-turn and stopped at the large Gamat factory and shop known as Nusantara Maju Enterprise.

Superb Collection of Traditional Crafts & Souvenirs           Writer: Roszs
The craft complex (white building with blue roof) is a one-stop arts and crafts centre. You can find a lot craftwork items -- from forest-based products, fabrics, ceramics to metal artifacts and beautiful art objects representing the various Malaysian ethnic groups.

Warm & Rejuvenating Water @Air Hangat Village           Writer: Roszs
The Air Hangat Village is associated with an ancient legend of two feuding families who threw jugs, pots and pans at each other. One of the jugs, filled with boiling water, fell on the ground and immediately a hot spring gushed out of the spot where the village now stands.

The Legendary Mahsuri           Writer: Roszs
It seemed to me that the Mahsuri's tomb was not the centre of attraction at Kota Mahsuri. There were other more interesting things to see besides the legendary tomb.

Beras Terbakar & Batik Shopping           Writer: Roszs
The path leading to the Burnt Rice site was covered with zink roof and lined by various souvenier shops, selling t-shirts, gamat products and lots of batik!

Pantai Kok - The Pretty Beach           Writer: Roszs
Pantai Kok was amazing. The beach was clean with pure white sand. And, it was not polluted with debris like Pantai Cenang. In short, it was picture perfect!

Exhausting Climb To Telaga Tujuh Waterfall           Writer: Roszs
We must walk about 800 metres uphill and the road leading to the top was so steep! I imagined myself walking up the steep road and rolling back down like a ball. Ha..ha..ha.!

Getting Dizzy On Top Of Mat Cincang Mountain           Writer: Roszs
The cable car moved very fast to the top on a 42 degree incline cable. The ride was smooth but a bit bumpy when passing the intersections, which is normal.

1 Billion Years Old Dropstone At Oriental Village           Writer: Roszs
The Oriental Village Langkawi is located around a beautiful lake, set perfectly against a fantastic mountain backdrop.

A Visit To The Rice Museum           Writer: Roszs
Laman Padi Langkawi is sort of a padi Hall of Fame, a tribute to the staple diet of almost all of Asia. Here, you can experience a sampling of anything that goes into the cultivation, nurturing and harvesting of rice, or better known as padi in Malay.

Resort Hopping - Awana Porto Malai           Writer: Roszs
I simply love this resort! Once inside, we were amazed by the grandeur of the lobby, and were further excited to stroll along the breezy boardwalk with amazing sceneries.

Tired Couple Looking For A Place To Stay           Writer: Roszs
We got a decent room with twin beds, fan, aircond (though not really functioned), television and a simple toilet with cold shower. Towels and a small soap was provided.

Starving Couple Looking For Food           Writer: Roszs
On the afternoon of the first day, we hungrily searched for a restaurant after visiting the Underwater World.

Langkawi Trip 24th May 2007           Writer: Roszs
I woke up in the morning of the second day at 6.30am. Mosquito bites were all over my hands and legs -- which were exposed during my restless night.

Cute Little Penguins At Underwater World           Writer: Roszs
The adorable little Rockhopper penguins were brought in from Nightingale island, some 2,000km west of South Africa. Believe it or not, the penguin costed RM26,700 each, excluding insurance and shipping charges!

Cenang Beach - Revisited           Writer: Roszs
From a distance, under the casuarina trees near AB Motel.... the Cenang beach looked so white and pretty.

Langkawi Trip 23rd May 2007           Writer: Roszs
I booked the AirAsia flight ticket to Langkawi a few months ago, during the 1,000,000 free seats promotion. Guess, I was among the lucky few that managed to beat the AirAsia server menace.

Ibrahim Hussein Museum Langkawi           Writer: Roszs
Have you visited the Ibrahim Hussein Museum Langkawi? It is the white building on top of a hill near Pantai Pasir Tengkorak just on the way to Datai Bay.

Langkawi Fruits           Writer: Roszs
Langkawi is blessed with tropical climate all year-round, which is conducive to the healthy growth of myriad species of fruits. This fertile island nurtures at least 370 species of native fruits!

Laman Padi Langkawi           Writer: Roszs
Laman Padi Langkawi is a tribute to the staple diet of almost all of Asia. It's a sort of a padi Hall of Fame! Padi is a Malay word for "rice".

Langkawi Wildlife Park           Writer: Roszs
Langkawi Wildlife Park was formerly known as the Langkawi Bird Park. It features more than 2,500 birds from 150 exotic birds species.

Horse Riding in Langkawi           Writer: Roszs
Langkawi has one of the best horseback riding trails in the world but not many people are aware of that.

Mosques in Langkawi           Writer: Roszs
There are a lot of well-kept mosques or masjid in Langkawi, available at strategic locations for your prayers convenience.

A Splashing Fun In Langkawi           Writer: Nadia
My best buddie and I went to Langkawi in Oct 2004. We had so much fun.... The island has lots of sun, sand and sea. We manage to cover a few must-see places during the short trip (2 days only - wish it could be longer!)


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