The Wow! Must-Do in Langkawi

What's your favorite wow! must-do? Things that you think others should also do while they're in Langkawi. Eagle Feeding, Snorkelling, Feeding the Sharks, Jungle Horse Riding, Beach Combing..... and the list goes on!

Maybe you have discovered something different that you'd love to share. Hmmm... like spending a day exploring a secret cave that you personally discovered, basking in a secluded beach......

Come on! Share with us, please....... Click here to share your stories.

Here are some of the wow! must-do stuff in this tropical paradise.

See The Island From A Bird's Eye - Langkawi Cable Car

Walk Above The Clouds - Langkawi Curved Suspended Sky Bridge

Shop Till You Drop - Batik, Handicraft, Handmade Crystal ...... etc

Taste Some Savory Satay, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Laksa ...... etc

Dare To Feed The SHARKS?!

Stay With Fishermen & Farmers - Pulau Tuba Homestay Program

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling - Tarutao National Park

Mangrove Forest EcoTour - Kilim Mangrove Swamps

Catch Your Own Dinner - Shrimpz Prawn Farm


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