Langkawi Lure

by Khasiah
(Shah Alam)

I just came back from Langkawi. I was there for a Knowledge Sharing session with my collegues from University Technology MARA (UiTM) The 14th. University's Administrators Conference was held in Bayview City Hotel in Kuah Town.

Other than hiring a Wira for a RM80.00 a day, we spent our money on lodging and food. We forked out out almost 50% to pay for our food and another 50% we spent on t-shirts and chocolates.

Since I was there about 10 yers ago, Langkawi is now very developed and but very dirty. Smelly toilets are everywhere. Other than that, it is a good place to stay and fun place for experiences.

This is especially so when we were at the Kota Mahsuri. Well done to Seri Kenayan!

But, what we are highlighting was about the leader's greed and jealousy. So Mahsuri Legend is not an old story or a telltale, it is happening at our own very eyes in today's life.

I hope we could have put up banners, for instance to educate the public that greed is bad, and to love our fellow countrymen, and do not do libel or slander which is bad to the mankind - or something like that.

So at least my daughter will not asked me, "Why is it that Dato's words is always right?" .

Other that than, I like the gamelan which greeted us when we arrived. Perhaps, we could buy a copy of the music in CDROM format. Another income for Sri Kenayan!

My kids especially loved the houses which was built around the Mahsuri tomb. But why is it so dirty? And maintenance is rather lacking I supposed, as we could not enter the house of Panglima Hitam due to the broken staircase...

All in all , Langkawi is nice, lots of good food! Please improve the toilets and eateries cleanliness.

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