Interested in mysteries and stories of the unknown? Visit Langkawi Lagenda Park

Langkawi is full of mysterious folk tales, and at Langkawi Lagenda Park you can learn them all. The park is a very beautiful and well-maintained historical place with scenic gardens of vivid local flowers, plants and fruit trees. Langkawi Lagenda Park consist of 17 story-telling monuments, 4 artifical lakes and a man-made beach which provide a picturesque and fitting backdrop for buildings showcasing Langkawi's rich cultural heritage.

Langkawi Lagenda Park

Langkawi Lagenda Park was officially opened to public on the 27th April 1996. The park, which covers an area of 50 acres is built on reclaimed land and costs approximately RM 37 million. Within the park, you can also find some fine examples of traditional Malaysian handicraft and cultural objects.

It is located near the Kuah jetty. If you have limited time to cover all Langkawi's historic sites, Langkawi Lagenda Park is the best place for you to visit as you'll find all the famous legends and myths on display. If walking is too tiring for you, you can just hire a buggy. This park is also an excellent picnic spot, so don't forget to bring along a picnic basket.

This beautiful park is an open-air garden museum that highlights the many myths and legends of Langkawi including the legends of heroic giants, mythical birds, evil ogres and beautiful princesses.

Of the many myths and legends surrounding this place, the duel between Mat Raya and Mat Cincang is one of the most interesting. It is said that their duel caused the formation of several new places on the island such as Gunung Raya, Gunung Mat Cincang, Kuah (said to have been formed when their struggle overturned a bowl of gravy, which in Bahasa Melayu is "kuah"), Ayer Hangat, Tanjung Cincin, and Belanga Pecah.

Besides the better known legends mentioned above, the park also displays lesser-known tales like the legends of Pulau Hantu (Ghost Hill), the Mermaid's Golden Ball and Pandak Mayah's spear.

A visit to Langkawi will not be complete without a visit to Langkawi Lagenda Park - a very pleasant, well-maintained park that worth walking around.

In front of the entrance of Langkawi Lagenda Park is Gondwana Wall, a symbolic of the shroud over the mountains behind Burau Bay, which engulfs Datai Bay up to Tanjung Buta.


It's in the main town of Kuah, situated by the sea shore, 400 metres from Kuah Jetty beside the CHOGM Park and Al-Hana Mosque.

Langkawi Lagenda Park

Ticket Prices

The entrance ticket to Langkawi Lagenda Park is RM5.00 (Adults) and RM2.50 (Children ). Group Visitors ( 15 tourists or more ) are given a 10% discount.

Visiting Hours

The park is open everyday from 8 am in the morning to 11 pm at night.

Langkawi Lagenda Park

Langkawi Lagenda Park


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