Langkawi Hotel Review

We received a lot of emails asking us to create a page on Langkawi hotel review. We think that's a great idea so, this is it! A special page containing unbiased review on Langkawi hotel from visitors that have been there before you. If you have been staying at any of the Langkawi hotel or motel, not withstanding how many stars or even not a single star the hotel is rated .... we hope you could assist us by adding your review on Langkawi hotel. Thanks a zillion!

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Aseania Resort Langkawi  |  Add your review  

We visited Langkawi last July and stayed at Aseania Resort Langkawi. This Langkawi hotel has the longest pool on the island! Some people said it was the longest pool in Malaysia. My 12 year old son really loved the pool. The beach, however, was about 5 minutes walk (100 meters) from the hotel. The room was spacious and the service was not bad. There were so many nice restaurants and cafes around the hotel.

#Karen Bell - USA

Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort   |  Add your review  

This year will be my 5th visit to the Berjaya. This hotel is so laid back and restful it is impossible not to feel totally relaxed whilst there. The beach is beautiful, the sea like stepping into a warm bath, all the restaurants at the Berjaya serve excellent food within different price ranges. The Malaysian staff are superb, always ready with a smile and are so friendly. Cannot wait until my return.

#Lesley - UK

We stayed at Berjaya Langkawi last June and we had a fantastic time. The resort was superbly stunning!! Great food, great people, great rooms and the nicest beach and surroundings! We're planning to go back there soon.

#Terry Dawn - UK

I love Langkawi so much! I've been there for 1 week in Jan 2004 and enjoyed every single day of my stay at Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort. Do you know what I like the most? It was the food!! Especially the chinese food at Oriental Pearl ... superbly delicious. Well, Berjaya is a little far away from everything but I enjoyed walking at night from Berjaya to Oriental Village ... it's just 500 meters away. There was some souvenier shops and nice restaurants selling great local food. From Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Thai - all I needed to do was choose! I also had good experience at the night market in Kuah town - they sell everthing from t-shirts to a variety of food. Langkawi is a paradise for those who love eating....hah.

#Sam Jr. - USA

I've been to Langkawi 2 times and stayed at Berjaya & Pelangi. Well, I liked Pelangi more than Berjaya. At Berjaya, I got a room on the hill side ... that's quite far from the hotel facilities. There was a mini bus provided to transfer those who stay far away from the pool. The room looked quite ok but the bathroom was too small. Food at the hotel was ok but I preferred to rent a car and drove to Pantai Cenang to eat.

#Jameshari - Malaysia

Casa Del Mar   |  Add your review  

We stayed at Casa Del Mar, a small Langkawi hotel with nice environment and good services. Particularly, we liked the living room cum lobby where we enjoyed a fruit punch while chatting with the staff. We had a room facing the sea that was so stunning.

#Sarlene Joyo - Indonesia

City BayView Hotel   |  Add your review  

We were in Langkawi for 3 days in July 2005 and stayed at the City Bayview Hotel. The room at this Langkawi hotel seems quite worn out, but it was clean and comfortable. My mom pampered herself at the hotel's spa - if I was not mistaken the spa's name was Alun-Alun. City Bayview is located in the center of Kuah town so we had a good time shopping and visiting some of the interesting places like the CHOGM Park, Eagle Square and Night Market... all are within walking distance from the hotel. We also rented a car and have a great tour around the island... we managed to cover some popular beaches like Pantai Cenang, Pantai Pasir Hitam and a few others that I forgot the names.

#Nur Atikah - Malaysia

Federal Villa Langkawi  |  Add your review  

I stayed at Federal Villa which was previously known as Federal Lodge. This Langkawi hotel looked like an apartment and is located next to Holiday Villa. The room and the service was good, and I also given access to Holiday Villa's facilities. I liked the indoor pools exclusive for ladies.

#Michelle Yoong - Malaysia

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Four Seasons Resort Langkawi  |  Add your review  

We stayed at the Four Seasons Langkawi recently and really enjoyed the resort so much. The resort was fantastic, the staff were friendly and it was located on the best beach in Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu. What we loved most about Four Seasons Langkawi were the private plunge pool (we stayed at the beachfront villa) and the traditional Malaysian village home designs in our room.

#Kenny Evan - Canada

Holiday Villa Langkawi   |  Add your review  

This is such a friendly hotel. We have been there twice and will continue going back.The staff is friendly and will help you any way they can.

#Vicky - Australia

Holiday Villa is great for a family trip. Due to its location, we can eat out whenever we want to and have some fun shopping along the way. The room are a bit worn out but the facilities are great.

#Birgit - German

I stayed in Holiday Villa Langkawi twice before. It's a fine hotel with good food, nice swimming pool, nice beach nearby and some nice restaurants within walking distance. The only down part of this Langkawi hotel is that the bath room is a bit worn out, with stain on the ceiling. Apart from that, everything was great, otherwise I wouldn't be staying here for the second time, wouldn't I?

#Angsu Nguyen - Vietnam

Kampung Tok Senik Resort Langkawi   |  Add your review  

Kampung Tok Senik Resort is too far from everything... far away from the beach... far away from the restaurants. But if you want to experience the cultural heritage of the Malay people, this is the best place to do it. There are green hills, gigantic trees, yellowish green paddy fields and unique Malay-styled houses.

#Sarah Jones - USA

Langkawi Lagoon Resort   |  Add your review  

I stayed at Langkawi Lagoon Resort. The resort was sparkling new, the room was clean, spacious and beautiful. The beach was great too but the water was a bit murky... not as clear as other beaches. The beach didn't bother me much because I spent most of my day swimming in other beaches like Tanjung Rhu and Pantai Cenang.

#Mohd Alias - Malaysia

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Langkawi Village Resort   |  Add your review  

We have just returned from two weeks holiday in Langkawi and it was great!! We stayed at Langkawi Village Resort and loved it so much. This lovely resort was located right on the beach with a nice pool. There were plenty of great restaurants nearby within walking distance. The resort's staff were friendly and same goes to the locals. Highly recommended to every one!

#Clarissa English - UK

I have just recently come back from Langkawi. I stayed at Langkawi Village Resort - a superbly beautiful hotel with nice beach and fabulous pool. The food was excellent and there were plenty of nice restaurants with delicious food around. We recommend you to try Unkaizan, a Japanese food restaurant not far from the hotel.

#Bart Quin - USA

If you're looking for a lovely resort with reasonable price, I highly recommend Langkawi Village Resort. For RM180.00, you'd get an excellent resort with a very nice beach. This Langkawi hotel is worth the stay! One more thing, don't listen to the rumours that this resort is noisy due to it's location on the flightpath.. I didn't hear a thing! Langkawi Village was really peaceful.

#Fatima Endot - Malaysia

Mutiara Burau Bay Resort   |  Add your review  

We enjoyed our stay at Mutiara Burau Bay Resort! It has the nicest beach, beautiful pool and great foods. We really had a good time in Langkawi.

#Janet Viera - UK

Hi! I'm Janet's twin sister. We loved Langkawi so much. Staying at Mutiara Burau Bay Resort was an excellent choice as it was very near to the Oriental Village and the breathtaking Cable Car. We stayed very near to the beach in one of the family cabana. The beach was clean and beautiful.

#Jenny Viera - UK

Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi   |  Add your review  

I've just returned from the Pelangi Beach Resort. This was my third visit to the hotel. Well, what can I say... the hotel staff were excellent, the surroundings were fantastic.... there were lots of restaurants nearby. A great place to stay!

#Marilyn Wilson - USA

We stayed at Pelangi Beach Resort for 1 week in March 2005. Pelangi Beach Resort is the best resort - here you will get it all.

#Karl Yates - Australia

Pelangi Beach Resort is a lovely resort at a great location. We really liked our pool view room... it was was very big and the services were great. This resort is near to many nice restaurants such as the Lighthouse, Bon Ton, Orchid Ria, Red Tommato Cafe and Champor Champor.

#Tasha Tamrin - Malaysia

We just back from a week staying at Pelangi Beach Resort. It was an excellent hotel, close to restaurants, has a great pool and a nice beach. We liked to eat at Champor Champor in Pantai Cenang - it was just 10 minutes walk from Pelangi.

#Jamilah Hassan - Malaysia

We found that the Pelangi Beach Resort was an excellent choice because the rooms were large, the facilities and staff were excellent and it was close to many nice restaurants. We liked to have our breakfast at the Breakfast Bar.

#Elana Rutherford - UK

Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort   |  Add your review  

We stayed at Sheraton Langkawi last June. It was a large resort with great services. The only drawback was that the beach at Sheraton was not really like a beach - if nice beaches are your top priority, find another Langkawi hotel to stay. The little beach looked rather dangerous for children and definitely not suitable for swimming. The pool, however, was really nice.

#Jean Silveira - Canada

Sheraton Langkawi has great services but it does not has a nice beach front. This resort is kind of isolated - I couldn't find any restaurants nearby. There were monkeys around too.. these little rascals can get a bit naughty.

#Natrah Jasmin - Singapore

Tanjung Rhu Resort Langkawi   |  Add your review  

Tanjung Rhu is one of the best resort available on this island. Resort, room, facilities, outlets, beach and service provided are excellent. However, there's no restaurant nearby. We did find some small Thai style food stall not far from the resort - the food was quite good.

#Marlia Ramli - Malaysia

Tanjung Rhu is the best resort for honeymooners! The resort is built on a beach front with the fantastic view looking at the white sandy beach and blue water. The staff were fantastic and the service were great. The pools and gardens are superb. We have never before seen a swimming pool with a beach and sand bottom. Totally awesome!

#Jennifer Lang - UK

If you want to spend your holiday in total silence and totally away from everything else then it's worth paying up for Tanjung Rhu Beach Resort. It has the best beach on the island.

#Katijah Misngat - Malaysia

The Andaman Resort Langkawi   |  Add your review  

The Andaman surrounding area is abundant with wildlife - there are monkeys, lizards, Gekkos, butterflies and bugs. The hotel is located in the forest so the majority of rooms have no sea view. Our room, however, did have a fabulous view of Datai Bay and the Andaman Sea. It was large and the bed was enormous and comfortable. Linen was changed daily, and the towels were changed in the morning and the evening. The services were fabulous!

#Jacqualine Ng - Singapore

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The Datai Langkawi   |  Add your review  

We stayed at the Datai for our honeymoon last year. It was a memorable moment for both of us. We were given a very spacious corner suite with large and comfortable bed. The food was excellent. The Datai is set in the rainforest slopes of a small bay in the north-western corner of Langkawi. We joined the morning walk with Irshad, the hotel's resident naturalist. We were treated to delightful sightings and fascinating descriptions of the local flora and fauna - hornbills, sea eagles, strangling figs, woodpeckers, snakes and plants.

#Rick Brady - US

Awana Porto Malai Langkawi   |  Add your review  

Interior and exterior of the hotel is nice. Room is big with a nice polish toilet. Unfortunately, the room near the disco downstair was very noisy due to poor sound proof. Breakfast had a limited choice and not near the beach.

#Alyssa Yeoh - Malaysia

We stayed at Awana Porto Malai last October. This Mediteranean-styled Langkawi hotel had beautiful room, nice and clean. We had the deluxe room near the pool. The downside is that Awana is not near a beach. The food is just ok and we went out for dinner at Pantai Cenang.

#Terresa Tan - Malaysia

Grand Continental   |  Add your review  

We were in Langkawi recently and stayed at the Grand Continental Hotel in Kuah town. The staff were fine but the facilities and the cleanliness left a lot to be desired. If you can afford it, find another hotel to stay.

#Ali Iskandar - Malaysia

Langkasuka   |  Add your review  

We stayed at the Langkasuka. It was not a great place to stay as the resort was far away from Pantai Cenang. However, driving out to get dinner at Pantai Cenang was quick and easy. In terms of room, we had a huge room with cheap rate. This resort has a private beach but it was not the best beach - we can only go swimming in the sea when it's high tide. But that was not a problem as we spent most our time at Cenang beach... sun bathing and swimming.....

#Abigail Love - UK

Rebak Marina Resort   |  Add your review  

Rebak Marina is an island resort on a small Rebak island, just off the coast of the main Langkawi island. This beautiful place is connected by 15-minute ferry to the main island. However, there was not much to do on Rebak. The beach itself was too short and very rocky.

#Tony Frank - UK

Sunset Beach Resort   |  Add your review  

I stayed at the Sunset Beach Resort at Pantai Cenang in Langkawi. This hotel was quite small but I think it was very lovely. There were restaurants nearby and the big shopping mall is just around the corner. There was no pool but the beach was really nice for swimming.

#Charlie Lee - Malaysia

Sunset Beach Resort is a very nice chalet but it was not so cheap. The room rate was RM120 per night. This resort has a lovely Balinese type decor.

#Marina Tajuddin - Malaysia


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