A Romantic Honeymoon Paradise

Langkawi island is the perfect choice for your honeymoon. This romantic tropical paradise is the Island of Legends - where fact and fiction intertwines.

Langkawi has fine powdery sandy beaches - beautifully fringed with swaying coconut trees and casuarinas. Resorts are dotted along the shore, offering the most pleasant accommodation.

Most of the resorts seemed to have settled in well with its natural state - unobtrusively tucked in a cove somewhere or nestled cosily between the hills.

Besides its whites sandy beaches and limestone hills, it it also blessed with lush vegetation filled with exotic flora and fauna.

Langkawi Beach Resort

Langkawi is indeed a pleasant tranquil retreat from the real world. A charming island for your dream honeymoon. You'll have plenty of romantic things to do together.

Fishing. Snorkelling. Sunbathing. Driving around the island. Walking along the beautiful beaches. Taste some local cuisine. See the sunset.

Whatever you do, you're in the glow of being newlyweds. Hmmm... so enchanting.

Langkawi Honeymoon Tip

Arrange your honeymoon yourselves if you want everything to be perfect. Book the flights and accommodation over the internet yourselves.

Where to stay?

The Andaman Datai Bay Resort - Datai Bay

Simply romantic. Cosily tucked between Mat Cincang Range and the deep blue Andaman Sea, the resort is indeed an enchanting paradise for honeymooners. At this lovely place you can see, hear and feel nature at its pristine best.

Centuries-old virgin tropical rainforest. White sandy beach. Imagine how close you are to nature!

Just go for a nature walk in the huge old rainforests. Walk up the mountain stream through hilly terrain. Follow animal trails and explore some off the beaten path. Then, take a dip in the cool waterfall basin. So soothing... aahh.

You can also go for snorkeling at nearby Anak Datai Island. Windsurfing and kayaking too.

Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort - Pantai Kok

A very beautiful place. Charmingly calm, romantic and serene A little place of heaven on earth.

Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort is beautifully designed with Malaysian architecture located along an idyllic stretch of private beaches amidst lush tropical forests. The rooms are beautifully decorated with rustic ambience, spacious balconies and majestic views over the sparkling waters of the emerald sea.

Tanjung Sanctuary Langkawi Resort - Pantai Kok

Nestled in the jungle, next to the blue sea with its private white sandy beach. You'll be in a very quiet place with one of the the best beaches in Langkawi - a true paradise!



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