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Staying at one of the Langkawi beach resorts and being lulled to sleep every night by ocean waves is a really great experience. Langkawi beaches are perfect for honeymooners and for those seeking a tranquil retreat from the real world. This mystical island is a home to a number of beautiful beach resorts and luxury class hotels.

Here are some information on Langkawi beach resorts that we personally recommended. For further details, please click on your choice of Langkawi hotel as displayed on the left. If you already decided where you would like to stay, I would suggest you to just book it now to entitle for online discounts of up to 75%.

Tanjung Rhu Beach Resort - Pantai Tanjung Rhu

Book your room at Tanjung Rhu Resort online and get online discounts of up to 75%. Hurry! Offer valid for members only & last for a limited time.

Langkawi Beach Resort
Tanjung Rhu Beach Resort is a place that spells "magic" and "relaxation" - this isolated paradise has beautiful serene setting. There is a well-shaded kids' pool and a huge, rather unique main pool with gazebos and fountains - an unusual pool design that makes paddling around more fun. Recently the hotel opened a pleasant spa, Jiva Rhu. The hotel is very remote so you really are tied to its three restaurants.

World-class value for money and absolutely lovely - perfect for a honeymoon. The staff, beach, pool and food are really terrific.

We think it is the best beach resort of all Langkawi beach resorts. Don't you agree? If not, please let us know. Send us your favorite Langkawi beach resort story, click here.

The Datai - Teluk Datai

The Datai is a beach resort beautifully set amidst the lush rainforest. Everything about the Datai is beautifully done. The deluxe rooms are large and spacious with stunning balcony views over the rainforest and Datai Bay.

Book your room at The Datai Hotel Langkawi online and get online discounts of up to 75%. Hurry! Offer valid for members only & last for a limited time.

It is a refreshing change to other beach-front resorts. At the same time it is still close to the beach. Their service is excellent and the place is in a very good shape. It is a very relaxing place and is also a romantic place for honeymooners.

Don't forget to join the complimentary morning walk into the jungle - you'll accompanied by Irshad, the hotel's resident naturalist. You'll be treated to delightful sightings and fascinating descriptions of the local flora and fauna - hornbills, sea eagles, strangling figs, drongos, woodpeckers, snakes and all kind of plants.

Langkawi Village Resort - Pantai Tengah

Langkawi Village Resort is very affordable, safe and clean. This Langkawi beach resort is set on the beach with a beautiful garden setting. You'll love the ever blooming bougainvilla.

Book your room at Langkawi Village Resort online and get online discounts of up to 75%. Hurry! Offer valid for members only & last for a limited time.

The pool is fabulous and the food is really great as well. This resort is situated in a great spot with plenty of great restaurants & shops around that can be reached by a few minutes walk. If you like Japanese food, then Unkaizan is definitley worth a visit.

Langkawi Beach Resort

Langkawi Village Resort

Sheraton Beach Resort - Teluk Nibong

The newly-refurbished Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort offers a beach resort with kampung-style chalets nestled in a hilly landscape of towering trees, mature palms and flowering plants. Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort comprises of two-storey wood-and-brick buildings and chalets.

If you have children in tow, don’t forget the binoculars for the walk from your room to the main building where the restaurants are - dusky leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, clouded monitors, brahminy kites, flying lemurs and the small-clawed otter can be spotted early in the mornings and late in the evenings.

The resort is now undergoing refurbishment which means you can look forward to spanking new sheets, spotless tubs and new facilities. Sheraton Langkawi prides itself on providing the best sleep you’ll ever get on the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed. At US$1,500 (RM5,700) for 40 winks, you know these folks mean serious business. And if you love the comforting feeling you get from the feathered pillows and crisp cotton sheets, the bed is for sale (if this concept sounds familiar, it is because the Starwood Group which manages Sheraton Hotels and Resorts also manages The Westin, known for the Heavenly Bed).

All rooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access and Wi-Fi will be available in the lobby and in one of the six restaurants. For now, Sheraton Langkawi is the only hotel on the island to provide this service.

Book your room at Sheraton Langkawi Beach online and get online discounts of up to 75%. Hurry! Offer valid for members only & last for a limited time.

Sheraton Beach Resort is a 5-star beach resort, but it really does not have much of beach. If beach with lots of sands is not your no 1 priority - Sheraton Beach Resort is perfect. But if you want a real beach where you can walk, run and bask under the sun - forget about this place.

This Langkawi beach resort is in the quieter half of the island.

Pelangi Beach & Spa Resort - Pantai Cenang

From the time you're greeted at the airport to the time you're shown your room, the staff will do anything to make you feel completely at home. Pelangi Beach Resort itself is large and the gardens are full of flowers and palms - you'll feel like you're staying in paradise with stunning sea view.

The architecture of this huge, sprawling and beautifully maintained resort is traditional Malay with the use of dark, heavy woods. All buildings are chalets on stilts. If you want to stay on Pantai Cenang beach and have a little extra money to spend, this is the place to spend it.

The beach has lovely white sand and it's very nice to enjoy the sunset at the beach bar - it will take your breath away. Just a short walk up the beach you will find the 'Bob Marley Bar' - so called because the lads who run it love Bob. It is right on the beach and it's definitely worth a visit.

You will also find that this Langkawi beach resort's pool is too nice to leave.

Book your room at Pelangi Beach Resort online and get online discounts of up to 75%. Hurry! Offer valid for members only & last for a limited time.

Langkawi Beach Resort

Pelangi Beach & Spa Resort

Langkawi Beach Resorts

Four Seasons Resort - Pantai Tanjung Rhu

Book your room at Four Seasons Resort online and get online discounts of up to 75%. Hurry! Offer valid for members only & last for a limited time.

Four Seasons Resort is the newest Langkawi beach resort. The design at the lobby is kind of artistic or strange depends on how you look at it. This Langkawi beach resort is a beautiful place but the garden will take some time to mature.

Langkawi Beach Resort

Four Seasons Resort

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There's another resort that might interest you, the Bon Ton Langkawi. This Langkawi resort consists of five restored 100-year-old wooden Malay house on stilts, decorated with antique furniture and textiles.



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