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There are more than 30,000 people from all over the world, looking for information on Langkawi every month on the Internet. These potential Langkawi visitors want to know about the island's interesting places, where is the best place to stay, which restaurant cooks the most delicious meals and what shops offer the best deal!

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Langkawi-Beaches.com is rated within the top 5% of all sites on the Web by Alexa. It's performing very well and attracting more and more traffic or visitors everyday.

(If you're not familiar with Alexa: it's a widely used tool for checking the popularity of a site, based on traffic. The LOWER our number, the HIGHER is our traffic ranking vs. over 56 million ACTIVE sites on the net, which means the more traffic or visitors we are getting.)

Langkawi-Beaches.com has an outstanding traffic ranking if compared to other sites on Langkawi that you may know about. Thus, this site is the best place to promote your Langkawi business online.

What's In It For You?

You'll enjoy these amazing benefits when you sign-up for your InfoPack Pages package.

  1. One full page, exclusive for promoting and pre-selling your business.
  2. Include a live link to your existing website.
  3. Text content up to 700 words and graphics up to 7 pictures.
  4. Free Bi-Yearly Updates that you can use to add current special offers or business news.
  5. Auto-inclusion in the Free Directory with a live link to your InfoPack Pages.
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  7. International exposure to potential customers in over 37 countries worldwide.

How Much Is Your Investment?

Info-Packed Launching Promotion Gifts!
The InfoPack Pages package is worth only RM1,167 per year! That's an average investment of only RM97/month - far more cheaper than print ads in newspaper or magazines, and far more effective. Your business will get unlimited exposure to potential customers from all over the world, all-year-round!

Note 1:
A registration fee of RM67 (non-refundable) is required for every new order of InfoPack Pages. This is compulsory for processing purposes and eliminating fake orders.

Note 2:
For an additional fee of RM197, you can opt to include a Contact Form in your InfoPack Pages. Your potential customers can write their questions or place their bookings direct to you by using the form. You'll receive their questions or bookings immediately via email.

Wait! There's More!!

InfoPack Pages Launching Promotion! Be among the first 7 business owners to sign-up for InfoPack Pages package and you'll be entitled to receive these free gifts worth RM488!

  • Free 3-month Extension worth RM291.
  • Free Contact/Booking Form worth RM197.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. You must provide the text content and photos in softcopy.
  2. The content must be in English and subject to SEO editing.
  3. The registration fee of RM67 (non-refundable) is payable immediately with submission of the Order Form (online or by mail/fax).
  4. 50% deposit is payable upon your acknowledgement of the InfoPack Pages Contract.
  5. Final payment of 50% is payable upon the activation of your InfoPack Pages on Langkawi-Beaches.com.
  6. Payment can be made either through bank transfer to our Maybank account.
  7. 14-day completion after receiving the 50% deposit, the text content & the photos.
  8. Your InfoPack Pages effective date will start on the first day it goes live.


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