Kota Mahsuri Langkawi

After buying some batik souvenirs, we went to the Kota Mahsuri Cultural Centre in Ulu Melaka, Langkawi. Kota Mahsuri is located about 12km from Kuah town.

So.... who was Mahsuri? Well, the Legend of Mahsuri is a sad tale about a beautiful lady who died as a result of jealousy. Two hundred years ago, Mahsuri was falsely accused of the crime of adultery when her husband was away.

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The Legendary Mahsuri

Mahsuri maintained her innocence throughout her trial. But, in the end, she was sentenced to death by her own father-in-law, who was then Chief of Langkawi. Before she dies, Mahsuri cursed that Langkawi would not prosper for seven generations. Legend has it that white blood was seen to pour from her wound during the execution, as further proof of her innocence.

Soon after Mahsuri’s death, the Siamese army made an attack on the Langkawi island. In desperation, the chief ordered the all the rice in the island to be burnt down to prevent it falling into Siamese hands. The remnants of burnt rice can still be seen at this spot known as the Field of Burnt Rice especially after a heavy downfall.

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Zaly @Kota Mahsuri Langkawi

The curse is believed to have been the cause of the island’s lack of development which lasted until the birth of Aishah Nawawi in 1980 , a direct descendant of Mahsuri, after seven generations.

When we arrived at Kota Mahsuri, there were a few groups of local visitors (mostly school kids), anxious to learn more about Mahsuri.

We bought our tickets (RM5 each for Malaysian) and went inside the small gallery where potraits of Mahsuri were displayed. There were also pictures telling stories of Mahsuri since her birth to her death.

No picture was allowed to be taken inside the gallery. And, since my memory card was running out of space, I hold my desire to break the rule!

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Mahsuri's Tomb

After the picture gallery, we went to see the tomb of Mahsuri. The plaque said:

Mahsuri Binti Pandak Mayah - Mahsuri a victim of treachery and jealousy was sentenced to death in 1235 Hijrah or 1819 A.D. As she died, she laid a curse on the island: There Shall Be No Peace And Prosperity On This Island For A Period Of Seven Generations.

It seemed to me that the Mahsuri's tomb was not the centre of attraction at Kota Mahsuri. There were other more interesting things to see besides the legendary tomb.

So... what else were interesting? It was the unique replicas of Langkawi traditional houses!

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A Malay Traditional House @Kota Mahsuri

The houses were labelled accordingly such as Teratak Sri Mawat, Teratak Sri Merong and Teratak Sri Tama.

I particularly more interested in the Teratak Sri Tama which was said to be the house of Panglima Hitam, a Langkawi warrior. It was so small!

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Teratak Seri Tama @Kota Mahsuri

I just can't imagine how the house could fit people living in it. The dimension was extra-ordinarily short for normal people. I really mean, normal local people like me.

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Roszs @Teratak Seri Tama, Kota Mahsuri

And, you can easily tell this weirdness if you compare it with other house replicas around it.

So... was that means Panglima Hitam was a dwarf? And, who was Panglima Hitam anyway? I need to apologize this instant because I'm not so in love with history. Ha..ha..ha!

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Dioramas Mini Muzeum @Kota Mahsuri

After admiring the houses, we walked to the Dioramas Mini Museum. Here, we needed to pay another entrance fee of RM2. Hmm... it was a good way to learn the legend of Mahsuri and see how people traditionally lived.

Anyway, within Kota Mahsuri's compound, you can also see the Telaga Mahsuri (Mahsuri's Well). Well oh well, it was just an ordinary well -- nothing much to see.

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Telaga Mahsuri @Kota Mahsuri

But, they processed the well's water, packed it in plastic bottles and sell it for RM1 per each 500ml bottle!

Is there any special remedial effect of the Telaga Mahsuri's water? I don't know. And I didn't bother to ask the seller.

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Telaga Mahsuri @Kota Mahsuri

There was also a picture booth in Kota Mahsuri operated by a young girl. Using her digital camera, she took a picture of us (at a spot that we picked) and printed it. Then, she cut the picture in a round shape before pasting it on a plastic plate. The plate was pre-painted with some local scene and printed with the words, "Kota Mahsuri, Langkawi".

A really nice little souvenir to bring home. And, it was only RM10 each!

There was also a man offering pencil portrait drawing for RM25 each. The works were really nice, but we didn't have time to try it as we needed to rush to the next point of attraction!

Opening Hours:
Open 9.00 am to 5 pm

Entrance: RM5 adult

Kota Mahsuri,
Kampung Mawat,
Mukim Ulu Melaka,
07000, Langkawi,
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.


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