Getting To Langkawi
Fly or Get A Ferry

There are only 2 ways of getting to Langkawi. Either you fly or take a ferry.
Swimming from the mainland is not really an option....

Air Travel to Langkawi

Fly to Langkawi

Langkawi has an international airport at Padang Matsirat. It is about 20km from Kuah and 8km from the beach resorts in Pantai Cenang. Getting to Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur through air travel is a breeze. There are daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi provided by Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia.

Air Asia

Air Asia - Now Everyone Can Fly

You will reach this island in just 55 minutes. Domestic flights are also available from Penang, Johor Bahru and Ipoh. Silk Air flies regularly from Singapore to Langkawi. There are also direct international flights getting to Langkawi from London, Osaka and Taipei. Other alternative airlines flying this route weekly are Eva Air and China Airlines.

Getting away from Langkawi to Bangkok? Just go to the MAS counter and buy a flight ticket to Bangkok. However, there is no direct flight from Langkawi to Bangkok. It will be a flight from Langkawi en route Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok. You can purchase flight tickets online by visiting these websites: and

Malaysian Airlines

Malaysia Airlines System (MAS)

For reservations and further information, please contact:

Malaysia Airlines:
Kuala Lumpur: 03-7463000
Langkawi: 04–9666622/1300883000

Air Asia:
Kuala Lumpur: 03-2027777
Langkawi: 04-9667750

Silk Air:
Kuala Lumpur: 03-2923122

Currently Silk Air has no office in Langkawi, booking can be made at MAS counter in the airport.

Getting to Langkawi From The Mainland

Enjoying a Train Ride

Keretapi Tanah Melayu
Malayan Railway provides comfortable and economical rail services.

You can hop-in Senandung Langkawi Express which runs daily from KL Central, Butterworth and Padang Besar/Haadyai, Then you jump-off the train at the nearest station to Langkawi which is either Alor Setar (Kedah) or Arau (Perlis).

If you want to a have truly comfortable ride, take the Air conditioned Day/Night First Class (ADNF). The ADNF has 8 private cabins in each coach. Each cabin is equipped with two sleeping berths, wall fan, private air-conditioning control vent and wash basin with basic toiletries.

After reaching Alor Setar or Arau, you can hop-in a bus or a taxi and proceed to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. Then catch a ferry to Langkawi.

For further information about schedule and rate please visit:

Drive and Enjoy the View

Driving to the Jetty Terminal is fun and exciting. You can enjoy lots of beautiful scenery along the quiet North-South Expressway. It's a toll-road and the toll price depends on the distance and the type of car.

The speed limit on the highway is 110 km/hour, but on some parts it may be 90 km/hour. If you are getting tired, you can always stop and rest at the rest stops along the highway. You can find food outlets, petrol stations, phones, children's playground and toilets there.

The journey by road from Kuala Lumpur takes about six hours to Kuala Kedah and seven hours to Kuala Perlis. After reaching Kedah - look for the sign "Alor Setar Selatan" and "Langkawi" and get off the highway. Then, leave your car safely at the car park for RM15.00 a day.

You can bring your car over to the island but it's only worth the trouble (and the money) if you spend a week or more. There is a cargo ferry that operates from Kuala Kedah to Tanjung Lumbung in Langkawi. The cargo ferry leaves around 11.00am and charges from RM100 to RM180 per car (based on car model). It takes one day to arrive. You can only retrieve your car the next day at Tanjung Lumbung.

Take a Bus

From Singapore, Johor and Kuala Lumpur, there're buses running daily to Alor Setar / Kuala Kedah. Please contact local bus operators for more information.

Fun Ferry Ride to Langkawi

Ferry to Langkawi

Ferries run daily every 30 mins from 7.00 am - 7.00 pm. There are four ferry departure points to Langkawi:

  1. Kuala Perlis in Perlis.
  2. Kuala Kedah in Kedah.
  3. Georgetown in Penang.
  4. Satun in Thailand.

Kuah Jetty

Ferry To Langkawi

From        Adult        Child        Daily       
K. Perlis        RM 12.00        RM 7.00 0700 - 1900 Every 30 mins
K. Kedah RM 15.00 RM 9.00 0700 - 1900 Every 30 mins
Satun 190 baht 140 baht 5 Trips 08:00 09:30 10:30 13:30 16:00
Penang RM 35.00 RM 18.00 1 Trip 0830

Ferry From Langkawi

Destination Adult        Child        Daily       
K. Perlis RM 12.00        RM 7.00    0700 - 1900 Every 30 mins
K. Kedah RM 15.00 RM 9.00 0700 - 1900 Every 30 mins
Satun RM 20.00 RM 14.00 5 Trips 08:00 09:30 10:30 13:30 16:00
Penang RM 35.00 RM 18.00 2 Trips 1430 1730

Langkawi Ferry Services Sdn Bhd
+604 966 6316
+604 966 1126

LADA Langkawi Holdings
+604 966 3088

Nautica Ferry Service
+604 762 5884
+604 762 1882
+604 762 1886
+604 966 6950

+604 966 6310
+604 966 6816

Ekspres Bahagia
+604-966 5784

Ferry Counter: KUALA KEDAH

Langkawi Ferry Services Sdn Bhd
+604 762 4524
+604 762 4585

LADA Langkawi Holdings Sdn Bhd
+604 762 3823

Nautica Ferry Service
+604 762 1201

+604 762 3052

Ferry Counter: KUALA PERLIS

Langkawi Ferry Services Sdn Bhd
+604 985 2690
+604 985 2691

LADA Langkawi Holdings Sdn Bhd
+604 985 5823

Nautica Ferry Service
+604 985 4494

+604 985 4440

Ferry Counter: PENANG

Langkawi Ferry Services Sdn Bhd
+604 264 2088
+604 262 8588

Nautica Ferry Service
+604 262 5630

Ekspres Bahagia
+604 263 5255


Thai Ferry Center
Tel: +074 732 510
Fax: +074 732 512

Langkawi Ferry Services Sdn Bhd Ferry di langkawi. Flight from langkawi to bangkok.

In The Ferry to Langkawi

Enjoy the spectacular view & the refreshing sea breeze.

Kuah Jetty

Arrived in Langkawi... at last!


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