Getting Around Langkawi
The Fun Ways

The easiest way of getting around Langkawi is on a motorbike. You can rent motorbikes of all shapes and sizes for a minimum of RM 25-40 a day.

Hiring a motorbike in Langkawi is easy as there are many places that rent them out. Most of them are not so strict in seeing your license before handing the bike over to you. Don't worry about the roads - they are excellent, pleasant and easy riding. Remember to wear your helmet - it's a law. You can also rent a bicycle for RM12.00 per day.

Langkawi Grand Tour

Langkawi Grand Tour

Price: From USD $50.00
Duration: 7 hours (approx.)

A fascinating tour that will take you through the urban and rural areas of Langkawi - the Legendary Island. Begin your journey with a visit to the Atma Alam Handicraft Centre and then to the legendary Mahsuri Tomb.

Also included in the tour is a visit to the Langkawi Crystal factory and showroom for an insight into the production of crystal ware. Then, visit the Eagle Square and the duty-free Kuah Town. Stop for lunch before proceeding to the Summer Palace where the movie "Anna and the King" was filmed. Next, visit the captivating Underwater World, walk through its underwater tunnel and be mesmerized by the colourful marine life surrounding you.

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*Services provided by Aviator.

The coolest way of discovering the best of Langkawi is by driving around yourself. There's not much traffic in Langkawi and it is a safe, stress-free and pleasant driving. Drive carefully and enjoy the beautiful scenery around the island - but watch out for the occasionally wandering water buffaloes and cows, especially at night.

You can easily rent a car at the Airport or at Kuah town. The requirement? A valid driving licence. Ooh.. and a map too (usually is provided in the car).

The cost will be around RM 80.00 to RM 150.00 per day, depending on the age and model of the vehicle. The most famous car available for rent are the Malaysian made Proton and Perodua cars. Proton has a large range of models like Saga, Wira, Perdana, Waja, Putra, Satria, Juara and Gen2. Perodua has a few models like Kancil, Kembara, Rusa and Kelisa.

Cars in Langkawi and Malaysia are right hand drive. When driving on the road, always keep to the left side of the road. Do not forget to fasten your seat belts as it's mandatory to do so for the driver and front passenger. The followings are Langkawi Rent Car agencies that will be happy to serve you:

What's our recommendation?

If you are looking for good services and better rates - we suggest you to use Kasina Rent-A-Car. All Kasina vehicles are rented out with full tank of fuel and must be returned with similar full tank. Minimum rental charge is one day (24 hours).

Extra hours are charged at 1/6 of the applicable daily rate to the maximum of six hours. Thereafter, a full day rate and CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) will be charged. Book your car rental through email and you might get a 30% discount. That's a huge bargain. Just send Kasina an email and they will clarify whether you're entitled for a discount or not.

The car rental rates below are provided by Kasina Rent-A-Car:

Vehicle Daily Rate (RM) CDW (RM)
Proton Iswara (manual) 128 14
Proton Iswara (auto) 168 18
Proton Wira (manual) 158 18
Proton Wira (auto) 188 18
Ford Ranger 4wd 288 32
Toyota Unser (MPV) 268 32
Mercedes Van 388 42

Public Transportation in Langkawi

Forget about the bus. There are only a few bus routes and it takes hours to wait for a bus. The best way to get around Langkawi is by hiring a taxi. There are taxi stands at the jetty terminal, at major shopping centres and in central Kuah.

Taxis are unmetered but the fare is quite cheap. The fares are set for destinations around the island. You can also rent taxis by the hour or day for touring the island. The cost is about RM15 an hour, negotiable and depending on the amount of driving (versus waiting) involved.

Licensed taxis are identifiable by their yellow roof sign. You can also use the service of "shared-taxis" which can be flagged down in Kuah town. Fare is typically RM1 for anywhere in Kuah town and sometimes RM2 for longer rides. Most shared mini-vans have blue waves painted on the sides and usually honk as they approach you.

Staying at Rebak Marina? If you're staying at the marina on Rebak Island - you depend on the resort's ferry service to get to Port Langkasuka on the main island. Return trip costs RM5 and it runs every hour or so from 0730 to 2030, with the last ferry back to Rebak at 2145.

You can ask the resort concierge to arrange a taxi to wait for you at Port Langkasuka. It would be wise to check taxi-fares at the terminals to prevent you from being overcharged as charges are not metered.

The following are the official rates, as published by the Ministry of Tourism:-

From Kuah Town To :

Eagle Square 4.00
Langkawi Mall 4.00
Jetty Point 4.00
Kelibang 4.00
Beringin Beach Resort 6.00
Langkawi General Hospital 6.00
Kedah Marble Factory 6.00
Langkawi Technical Vocational School 6.00
Bayas 6.00
Kisap 8.00
Keda 8.00
Kem Bina Negara 8.00
Mata Air 8.00
Bukit Malut 10.00
Galeria Perdana Museum 10.00
Mahsuri Mausoleum 10.00
Chandek Kura Resort 10.00
Book Village / Lubuk Semilang 10.00
Panorama Resort 10.00
Padang Matsirat 10.00
Air Hangat Village 10.00
Kedawang 10.00
Padang Lalang 12.00
Temonyong 12.00
Kuala Teriang 12.00
Chenang Beach 14.00
Tengah Beach 14.00
Airport 14.00
Sheraton Langkawi Resort 15.00
Cement Factory 16.00
Teluk Ewa 16.00
Craft Cultural Complex Teluk Yu 16.00
Kok Beach 20.00
Berjaya Langkawi Resort 20.00
Seven Wells 20.00
Tanjung Rhu Resort 20.00
Awana Porto Malai Resort 20.00
Crocodile Farm 20.00
Mount Raya 30.00
The Andaman Resort 40.00
The Datai Resort 40.00
Datai Golf Club 40.00

From Airport To :

Port Langkasuka 10.00
Kem Bina Negara 10.00
Book Village 10.00
Langkawi General Hospital 12.00
Cenang Beach 15.00
Underwater World 15.00
Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort 15.00
Langkawi Holiday Villa 16.00
Tengah Beach 16.00
Kuah Town 16.00
Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall 16.00
Jetty Point Kompleks 16.00
Kok Beach 18.00
Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort 18.00
Taman Berlian 18.00
Taman Intan 18.00
Taman Desa Permata 18.00
Cement Factory 20.00
Craft Cultural Complex 20.00
Kedah Marble Factory 20.00
Gunung Raya Golf Resort 25.00
Ban Thai Restaurant 25.00
Crocodile Farm 30.00
The Datai 40.00
Datai Golf Club 40.00

Taxi Fare for Round Island tour

Taxi (4 person) 1st 3Hour RM60 (extra 1hour RM15)
Taxi Van (6 person) 1st 3Hour RM70 (extra 1 Hour RM20)
Taxi Van (11 person) 1st 3Hour RM120 (extra 1 Hour RM25)


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