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Jan 4, 2009, Langkawi Trip 23 May 2007

Langkawi Trip 23 May 2007

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Jan 4, 2009, Dataran Lang - The Eagle square

Dataran Lang Langkawi

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Sep 5, 2008, The Lanai Langkawi Hotel

First impressions were that this hotel looked very nice and had friendly and welcoming staff, however, we didnt think that this compensated for the

Aug 22, 2008, Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa

On arrival we were met at reception with slight indignation, but can mistake locals actions when tired after a long journey.

Jul 3, 2008, Charlie Motel

its too bad to stay at there. once time ago,i've organize a trip to my classmate.. i feel ashamed to my friends because couldn't find any resort that


Jun 9, 2008, Langkawi Lure

I just came back from Langkawi. I was there for a Knowledge Sharing session with my collegues from University Technology MARA (UiTM) The 14th.

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Jun 5, 2008, Langkawi Weather

Hi, great website! I'll be coming to Langkawi next Wednesday.. the weather forecasts don't look so great! Has there been lots of thunderstorms.


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